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Monday, April 25, 2011

Of false swamis and falser doctrines

How ironic that a man who proclaimed to be divine died on very day that humanity celebrates the resurrection of the Son of man.

Sai Baba, shrewd businessman, conman par excellence and among the most controversial godman in India, is finally dead.
As the rat race for his $9.10 billion empire heats up, I have the nasty feeling that we've not heard the last of these fake swamis.

Controversial for the corny sleight of hand tricks and 'miracles' that he has performed, I am surprised that millions fell for his tricks.
For a generation that is craving to fill its God sized hole in their hearts, such god(wo)man will continue to be wolves in sheep clothing.

Outraged at how he described himself as a reincarnation of Jesus, I'm surprised at how he got his date of death wrong! Struggling to live, reluctant to leave and absolutely zero plans of succession. Wow! He really didn't think that he would make such an inglorious exit, dying as he did. All the other false swamis and swaminis must rethink their reincarnation announcements. However, I wouldn't be too surprised if another takes his place, proclaiming to be his reincarnation!

And I was foolish enough to believe the scandals and the false doctrines of the Sex Guru would've have wizened up humanity.
It is our complacence that makes scamsters like Swami Nityananda and like scum thrive like fungus on a five day old bread.

You don't need a supercomputer to figure out why we are the only nation where you can rake in the millions just by learning some magic, quoting the scripture and give charity. Poverty that appears to envelope entire generations, and where awareness of your right to information is scarce, scamster swami's and swamini's hold a iron grip over entire populations.

Amma, next in line and most alike Sai Baba, with her vast empire of business and charity and false prophets sully the name of a nation that cradled civilization.
We must awake to rid our country of the scourge of the opportunist who prey upon the weak and the superstitious.
Maybe we need to show them the episodes of 'Magic's biggest secrets revealed' and then they'll stop following these billionaire scamsters.

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