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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Sexy and the Bashful [214/365]

The London Oly may not be the grandest in history but it certainly has the most beautiful and ruggedly handsome athletes gathered all under one roof. And we're not complaining. Former Miss Universo Paraguay Leryn Franco appear as much at ease on the ramp as she is with a javelin.

With the confetti cleared, China cracked the tally wide open with 2 medals. That's right. Our hostile neighbor got their first medals. And the fact is they are quite bashful about it. The athletes start young and train hard. Their methods are controversial but effective. When I was a small boy, there used to be a TV program that I used to watch called - Young Winners. The program used to feature young children, some as young as 8, who'd train for a sport with the single-minded determination to excel. The program would show how the children motivated themselves, doing well at school while also excelling in the sport of their choice. I never understood why you'd need to train so much and that early at that time.
Later I would realize the effort and determination that it took to win. And I could clearly see why this is where we lost out.

Today, as I was reading an compilation of the hottest athletes in this year's Oly, I was thinking: if only we trained as hard in sports as we try looking paler, we could have an athlete that is as good in sport as he/she looks.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quarter times the fun [59/365]

This month just got longer.
February 2012 was an exciting month.
As rightly predicted, this month did have all the ingredients that could quench our insatiable thirst for gossip and voyeurism.

Personally, I've had a good month. I've been able to achieve some of my personal and professional goals and I set new ones for the rest of the year.

Dirty Word of the Month: Sexy
When the Chairperson of the National Commission for Women (NCW), Mamata Sharma said and I quote "'You should take the comment in a positive manner instead of protesting, resisting or going to the police' (Foot in Mouth here), I was rubbing my eyes in disbelief. It was truly a WTF moment.

I remember the first time I heard and used the word. As an impressionable 16 year old, the word was taboo.
But when chairperson of a committee that is supposed to be the watchdog of women in India confirmed that using the word was okay, I was finally at peace.

While I don't think this foot in mouth comment of her's could lead to any more rapes than what will happen or if this will lead to Indian women loosing their integrity, because I know that Indian women are made of sterner and worthier morals than what Mamta Sharma can claim to possess. 

And as for women, if living in India's lecherous metro and her conservative villages amidst a million gazes was not enough, now her 'Roadside Romeos' can finally expand their vocabulary too.

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