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Saturday, March 02, 2013

When the ground opened up

A few years ago, I remember saying 'If what I am saying is a lie, let the earth swallow me...'.
It's a powerful statement and one that does not have a better comeback line. After all, its not like that the other person will retort 'Oh yeah?!'
While the earth didn't swallow me (yet), the past week saw an man sleeping in his Florida home getting swallowed when the ground opened up.

I can only imagine his agony - buried alive. I bet scenes from 'Drag me to Hell' might have flashed in the few seconds he could have been conscious.
I can only imagine the agony of his family. One minute they were all settling down for the night and the next minute, there is a 'widening chasm' that swallowed up their beloved brother. I pretty sure they aren't going to be fans of the ground-shattering kinds.

While civic agencies rushed to save life and property in this instance, I think this points to a larger picture where we continue to show scant regard to how we build our lives. In a recent 'Lifestyle award', the presenter was talking eloquently about how 'amazing our purchases are'. Gee!
In a shallow consumerist society, its not what we are but what we have that defines us. We want the LED TV in our bedrooms, the double-door refrigerator in our modular kitchens, Persian rugs and designer sofas in our living rooms and an European SUV in the garage.
I've said this once before but I'll repeat it - We love the things we are supposed to use and Use the people that we are supposed to love.

I am poor. And I am fine about it. I may not have a car, or a home of my own or a ginormous bank balance. Heck, I don't even want my dad's inheritance. Yet, I are happy. I know that I can pack up and move in a few days. I know I won't starve because of my faith in Him. Like many people I know, the recession was particularly harsh on me but when I look back, I am amazed at how I survived so remarkably.

You might be going through a harsh phase in your life- You might be struggling in studies, or you may be struggling to get a job or even in the job. You might be in a stiffing relationship, or you could be in a relationship that is based on lust or greed. You might be battling for life or might know someone who is. Life isn't fair and any religion that tells you so, is fake.

Ask yourself - If today was your last day, what would you do?

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