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Monday, August 13, 2012

At it. Again. [226/365]

Didi is at it again. 
Just what the hell have I gotten myself into?
This time she's put a farmer behind bars in a non-bailable offense punishable by death.
The crime: He questioned her rule.

There must be something about the way most bengalis take criticism. Now, I know I can come under considerable heat for making this statement, but it's as true as any other stereotypes that we have in India. I've worked with Bengalis who simply cannot tolerate people who question them.

Taking a cue from Dictatorship for dummies v1.0, Didi is staggering from one Greek disaster to another. While she is a fiery poll winner, her tenure at the helm of affairs at the North eastern state is revealing the chinks in her leadership style. It's a tragedy that a state as vibrant and rich as Bengal is being ruled by an autocrat like Didi.
Unfortunately, the stink simply refuses to die down. I have a lingering feeling that she will rule (read RUN) the state into the drains faster than you can say 'ouch'.

Thank goodness I am not in Calcutta or any Godforsaken part of West Bengal or I would have been sentenced to death for this post.

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