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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine [44/365]

So here's another western import that Indians have adopted.

Back in college, I could actually witness the transition of how young impressionable Hindus make plans for 'that day' in February. St Valentine was probably the best evangelist known to man. It's interesting how even though I spent 16 years abroad, I'd never witnessed any other country take to St Valentine the way Indians did.

Valentine's day is just not one of those days which are good for geeks, loners and psychopaths.
A really depressing day for the single guys who've worked really (and I mean reeeallly) hard to snag one of them mamacitas, but failed.
A bad day for husbands who have -
a) failed to stay up awake and wish his wife/lover/booty-call a happy valentine's day at the stroke of midnight.
b) not got his wife the perfect gift.
c) not figured out a way to please her.
c) all of the above.

In a decade and a half, I've seen how a day that was intended to be day when tokens of love would be exchanged have become that time when insane thoughtless radicals attack those celebrating their love and when businesses try to sell off their unsold winter stocks and anything in red. 
Curiously, Valentine's day is exactly ten months to 'Children's day'

But it is also the day when husbands and wives discover how much they really know about each other.
Neetha and I love to gift each other surprises. We keep each other guessing until the very last moment and its simply tantalizing. I give her clues as to what it would be and enjoy the anticipation and joy that every gift brings us. Of course, it isn't anything expensive or otherwise tacky but always thoughtful.

Ofcourse, when you're in a relationship, you are supposed to love each other every single day but there's something about the 14th that makes your partner glow in a very special way. It could be the anticipation and the excitement, the blush on her cheeks or the twinkle in his eyes, or maybe it could just be love that comes from within.

One day when you prove that money can indeed buy you happiness for that day.
Because it is either the warm cozy bed or the doghouse otherwise.

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