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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Adam and Eve! [135/365]

This is something nearly every person does yet won't admit it. One habit that is very addictive and totally exciting. Bordering on being taboo yet nearly everyone who has done it once will testify to how wonderful it is.
One habit that is frowned upon if you'd do it outside but is almost commonplace indoors.
I know lots of people who do it yet and they simply love it.
Adam and Eve were the first people to do it.

And no, it is not what you had in your dirty minds.
I am talking about staying nude. And no, I'm not talking about those awkward instances when you realise you don't have anything to wear after you've stripped or when you are singing to your heart's merry at the bathroom.

Recently a very dear friend of mine confided in me that her husband and she walks around au naturale when they are at home. Considering the hushed tones she told me this, I assumed that this is not something that would normally appear in her regular non-confidential conversations. I didn't think much of this then but then this is something that most Indians would never discuss about.

Walking around nude is taboo. And somehow, the concept of being naked at home is indecent and will make you cringe.
And you'll immediately try and picture them in their buff walking around and sitting in that sofa, doing chores and stuff, all in the buff and cringe. More so if you've only recently visited their home.

But there is nothing dirty about being nude. It is infact every bit as liberating as singing in your bathroom. Ofcourse, you will have to adhere to a few basic rules and here's some I could think of to make sure your transition to a nudist is as trauma-free as possible.
  • Always make sure your neighbors are not getting a course in human anatomy.
  • Do not step in to the balcony while you are still in the buff. You don't want the neighbors going blind at the sight.
  • Never cook in the buff. Especially if you are cooking Chicken. And if you have windows and a pesky neighbor who has the annoying habit of peeking in every time they pass. Trust me, you don't want to hear it from your landlord that you have been caught flashing the pan.
  • Always make sure you have some thing decent to wear handy in case there is someone at the door. You wouldn't want to start raiding the cupboards then. And no, fig leaves are not an adequate option.
  • Be aware of the laws of physics. Tinted windows at night is not really going to hide you when you turn on the lights and you think no one is going to see you. Loser!
I'm pretty sure there are a few more, so I ask my esteemed readers/secret nudists to contribute generously.
And no, I was not nude when I wrote this. Atleast not yet.

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