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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mini Me [299/365]

A year after its most iconic CEO passed away, Apple has set the cat among the pigeons again.
This time by releasing the iPad Mini.

While it will be still a few months before we get to see the gadget in stores across India, the launch has created enough buzz to have some imported through your desi connections. As a matter of convenience I've resisted the temptation to write on technology because I prefer to know how a gadget will benefit us holistically rather than being just a object of your pride. When it was first launched, the iPad was the butt of a million internet jokes. Why would a company choose to name one of their products that? But as the world stopped laughing, Steve danced all the way to the bank.

Cut to 2012, the iPad is singularly responsible for making tablets and touchscreen devices accessible and cheaper. In the uneasy world of technology, prices have always been the weapon of choice. Today, it is easy for a student to own a tablet with just his pocket money. As smartphones got smarter, the iPad shrunk. Reading the reviews online, I doubt how much of an impact the iPad Mini will make. Given its price, it is surely a premium product but one look under the hood will you that this is just a standard tablet and the $100 or more that you'll be paying is for the brand. But then this shouldn't be surprising since Apple has always priced its products much over what its competitors have charged. Clearly, Apple believes in feeding our frenzy for the niche brand.

While Apple readies to battle with the Google Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire and the Microsoft Surface, the winner isn't clear. The race to earn a share of the sales this Christmas season just got a little hotter. Each of the four technology giants have a unique USP about themselves. With seemingly limitless resources at their disposal, the only winner could be the Consumer.

Ironically, the iPad Mini debutes about a year after Steve famously told how selling a downsized version of the iPad will not make business-sense. I wonder if Hell has a Apple store for Steve too.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What's the point?

Ok, so off goes Jobs.
While some of us (moi included) have already bid him farewell in our own inimitable ways, much of the world are still obsessed about him.

Why all the fuss? I ask myself.
Does he really deserve all this fawning and adoration?
While we are still debating on this, nearly every new age gadget geek worth his iPoop wants him to be declared the 'Greatest'. Really?

For a want to adore, we rush to label people, places and events with adjectives that far outweigh their significance.
Why do we rush to heap superlatives?
Encourage. Don't idolize. Recognize. Don't immortalize.

In an average day, you'd be bombarded with commercials that proclaim to sell the greatest, the best and fastest, the smartest, the thinnest, the fattest and everything awesome.
You'd meet people who think they are the best thing since sliced bread and events that are 'to die for'. But at the end of the day, does all of this really make a difference to our lives?

The greatest people are those who could've but didn't want to make a bunch of money for themselves but chose to give it all away while still remaining anonymous.
The greatest events are those that made a positive change in humanity.
The greatest products are those that helped mankind while their inventors chose to remain unrewarded.
Our rich history is replete is many instances of brave and strong men and women who did things in their lives that were truly selfless and great.
They are not be your typical Page 3 personality. They definitely didn't make money and most of them perhaps lived very simple lives.

Greatness is not a term that we can afford to use to describe a very gifted entrepreneur.
The Bible defines a great person as whoever humbles himself/herself the most. 
(Matt. 20:26-28)
In a world that is weeping, surely we have a million ways to be truly great.

So while the world fetes and mourns about their celebrities, there is ten other people who are working in slums and villages and among people that time and the rest of the world forgot, striving to make the difference in their lives. 

Off the hat, I could think of Abraham Lincoln, MK Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Louis Pasteur, Jonas Salk and a couple of dozen others as those who truly deserve to be called 'Great'. As for the others, the true test of greatness will lie in how history recognizes them for the wonderful way they improved the life of their fellow human beings.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Death - your Comfort break

With the number of high profile people who have died this year, 2011 is truly turning into a tragic year that the world history will remember forever.
While the media might be ready with their obituaries, how do relatives and loved ones of those who died cope up with the irreparable loss?
For most celebrities vying for their 15 minutes of fame, high profile deaths will be a way to rehash half chewed emotions and cheap sentiments.
Death is a scary thought. I remember how scared and upset I would get when my parents would mention their deaths.
Most kids and over-grown adults still get ruffled up and refuse to accept any talk of their loved one's death.

But is death really a bad thing?
You could be the biggest billionaire the planet has seen. Or you could be a homeless beggar living on just 32 rupees a day.
You could afford to buy a Bentley every single day and still have money to burn or you could a person who skips a second meal today so that he can eat a single meal tomorrow.
You could be on the cover of Forbes or you could be that random dirty face you pass by at traffic stop.
Death is a relief for all humans. It is that event of your life where your harshest critic and your toughest foe level up.

Death is something like where we finish our act on the main-stage and head back home.
You know that you no longer have to act or pretend. You can finally be yourself.
You don't have to worry about taxes. And if you're famous, your procession will be the last time you'll ever create a traffic jam.
But whether you are rich or poor, all you'll need is just 6 ft of earth.

When the fanfare and the tirade of obituaries die, does it really matter to the person?
Would the recipient of all that glowing eulogy raise up from the coffin and cheer?
All the flowers in the world cannot lessen the pain nor fill the vacuum that person left in the lives of his/her family.

Could we have been less critical and more appreciative of that person when he/she was alive?
Maybe, yes.

Because the world is an unforgiving place to be. 
Let the dead rest in peace, because they deserve it.

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