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Friday, August 17, 2012

Brotha' from da same motha' [230/365]

Taliban terrorists stormed a Pakistani airbase that houses nukes and fighter planes. Great! Just what we need. 
Nearly every country in the world today thinks Pakistanis and Indians are a difficult bunch to handle. While our western neighbor battles the Taliban, we have our own brand of home grown terrorists and corrupt politicians to worry about.

We really are a bunch of funny people.
Living abroad, I've had many Pakistani friends. Most of them were like Gujarati Muslims-  very social, friendly and great hosts. I remember this particular friend of mine who lived in a moderately large villa with his large extended family. They made the most incredible food.

Back in the subcontinent, there is some kind of a hostility that creeps inside you against your neighbor. I don't think it is the people who are bad in either of our countries. I believe most of the hatred and enmity that surrounds us just because of some really effective political propaganda. Which is the only way I can explain how we get along like a house on fire when we are outside the subcontinent.

Growing up, I had a lot of sibling rivalry with my sister. I hated her with all my life. The rivalry reached such proportions that nearly everyone in our families knew our conflicts. But as I reached adulthood, I passed the phase where I couldn't stand my sister and I began to yearn for her. I'd realized how much I really missed my sister and of all the years I wasted fighting.
We bonded again.
It is unfortunate how much we are loosing out on each others love just because we refuse to talk to each other. It is unfortunate how we are letting our enemies bleed us just because we refuse to work with each other. If only we could set aside our differences, we would be a formidable force that can help each other. After all, we do have the same problems, the same language and  the same strengths. We are truly twins from the same mother.

For decades, we sat on our moral high horse shaking our heads with disgust at how Pakistan is ruled by terrorists and looted by tyrants. Surprise, Surprise! We are not any better off, actually.

The sooner we get back with each other, the better for us.
66 years is just too long to nurse a grudge. 

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