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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

..And the Oscar goes to [58/365]

The Academy Awards, also fondly known as the Oscars: An annual event where Hollywood actors come together and pretend to enjoy and toast each-other for the wonderful work that they have created in the year that just went by.

You know the Oscars are round the corner when every English movie channel worth its movies suddenly start serenading the 'greatest' movies of all time. Time to bring out those over used movie reels for Saving Private Ryan, Forest Gump, Titanic and the other predictable. Roll out some contests and promise some freebies to keep the viewers interested until last week of February. You know the drill.
So while the movie industry is busy lobbying for the golden statuette that will help them hike their 'fees' if they win, even the nominees get their moment of fame.

Now, everyone loves recognition. We'd love to be recognized for our work and rewarded too. But as today's stars walk the plush red carpet in their crisp Armanis and the Christian Diors, I wonder if this is really all there is.
I am quite sure there wouldn't be too many people who would recognize the stars that walked the red carpet even 40 years ago. But I am very sure we'd recognize Einstein or Pascal or Da Vinci any day.
True, movies are not meant to be a contribution to humanity in the same way Science or the Arts is, so I'll let this argument pass.

Amid the fist bumps and the heart wrenching minutes leading up to opening of the envelope, I wonder how much of the show is scripted and how much is truly rewarding performances.

And the Oscar goes to...

Nonetheless, I'll still root for the climax in Naked Gun 33 1/2 as my all time favorite Oscar moment.
"And they thought I couldn't do drama"

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