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Friday, February 03, 2012

The blindside of life [33/365]

Do we forgive enough?
Is our love unselfish?
It is incredible how many people will say No to these questions.

Twelve years ago, I made a phone call that led to one of the most profound relationships that I've had.

Soon after the call ended, we got acquainted and since the booth was inside a prominent bus station which I visited often, our bonds grew. 'Aunty' was a middle aged lady who lost her eyesight due to a botched eye surgery shortly after her fifth grade. The doctor 'accidentally' snipped off the nerves to her eyes. Unmarried she was pretty much by herself all her life. I'd later learn that various welfare schemes by the government enabled her to earn her living by candle making, basket weaving and now the phone booth.

As able bodied people, we have many limitations. We are embarrassed and phobic about a lot of things. We would not approach strangers to strike a conversation, yet would spent hours talking over the phone. We would feel embarrassed to give a good compliment or to return an innocuous smile, yet we expect others to be kind and friendly towards us. We feel insignificant in the midst of certain people, yet we want to be the bigger person amongst people we meet. We would rarely try a new profession / craft / hobby without first worrying and being anxious about what the society would say/think about us, yet when we encourage our children to stand out of the crowd. We are insecure and insufficient even when we have much. We give little, yet take much. We are prejudiced against caste, creed, ethnicity and language.

But 'Aunty' blinded by callous surgeons did not curse God for all the curve balls that life has dealt her. She is perhaps one of those individuals whose faith in God has only become stronger. A testimony to how God allows people to go through certain situations so that He is glorified. God has been her guardian, and her strength and even when it appeared that she could be homeless, He worked through the most unlikeliest samaritans. Even when the unscrupulous business people demolished her phone booth, all she did was pray. She didn't indulge in self pity or malicious campaign. As with all things divine, a local corporator soon build her a better and bigger phone booth.

Looking at the lives of those are different from us either by accident or by birth, I begin to believe that no matter successful you think you are, you are only as good as your prayer life.
Our sensory laden lives makes us forget how fortunate we are to see what we see, hear what we hear and speak what we want.

While most people often look for the bright side of every situation, would that make sense to the differently abled unless we decided to share our lives with them?
Hoo Ha!

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