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Saturday, July 28, 2012

To catch a train [210/365]

Late last evening a young factory worker from Bangalore on her way back to her home 160 kms away was thrown out of the train she was traveling in.
The news made the headlines locally. National news channels barely covered her.

Critically wounded yet not physically disabled, Kavya must be regretting her crime. She was flung off the train by four men who tried to molest her.
She did the only sensible thing a lady would do- defended her modesty and fended off the molesters. Alone.
This enraged the men who decided she must be disembarked immediately. She landed on a rocky river bed 25 ft below.

Later, Kavya would recount how the men were brazenly asking for sexual favors in a crowded compartment and how no one came to her rescue.
Shocking as it seems, I am not surprised.

Indians are naturally curious. We love to eavesdrop on the neighbor's fight but when we see a girl being molested, we'd rather stand about 5 ft away, fold our arms and observe. Kavya shouldn't be traumatized by the fact that no one came to her rescue. We normally don't help women when they are being molested, harassed or raped. We'll instead take up candle light vigils after she has been murdered.
Kavya should on the other hand be grateful to herself. She had the presence of mind and the fortitude of character to fight. And she was lucky that she landed in a dry riverbed and not in the path of an oncoming train. I know of a few women who would rather give-in than fight against.

Her physical wounds will heal. The emotional and psychological wounds will remain for while.
Most of the culprits will be arrested. All of them will be out on bail in less than a day.

And Kavya, like most Indian women, will live another day in fear.

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