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Monday, April 25, 2011


Part 2
A five part series dissecting the last moments of Jesus and its relevance on our lives

We've all been in the presence of great men and women. I've personally spoken with men who are extremely charismatic. So charismatic that they can sell any idea to you just by their power of persuasion. But how many of them have been able to change your life for the best? And how many of them can you term life changing?
There were tons of publicity material, banners and posters announcing the visit of a certain member of the royalty to our city. There was lots of fanfare and excitement that the royal chose to visit our city. But they come, they spoke, they charmed the crowds and then as quick as they came, they left. Nothing changed. Life just went on.

But Christ in His final moments of passion, continued to win the souls of sinners. I've often wondered if Malcus who experienced the miracle of healing at the Gethsemane would've become a stronger testimony to Jesus than most of us have been. Would he have gone with the realization that He was the Messiah? Simon of Cyrene, visiting Jerusalem, after his short journey with Christ went back a changed person. He later becomes a disciple when he returns to Cyrene, Libya.

Many mortals profess to be the 'Change' that we yearn for. We've seeked for the change and satisfaction that this world promises. Fleeting promise of peace. But we still have a gaping hole inside us that gnaws at our conscience. Something is just not right.

We need God. He needs us too.
As friends, partners and children, all that He asks is our devotion and undying love. Surely, we can give Him that.

I realize that I've mentioned this before and probably will testify this for ever.
I remember the intense feeling of peace and tranquility that I felt when I first invited God into my soul.
It was a fateful day. An awful week. Nothing gave me more peace than knowing that no matter how wicked, how evil, how polluted and how sin-laden I was, God forgave me. You may not like to admit all the sinful thoughts or deeds that you've done, but He knows you more than you would be willing to reveal. He knows exactly who you had sex with, exactly which girl you were lusting after, exactly how many times you've masturbated and about all the times you've watched porn. He knows you've cheated at exam, with your girl friend and lied to your parents. And the good news is you have a chance of being transformed. You can be changed. All you need to do is believe and trust in Jesus.

Unlike when a celebrity, a royalty or a godman who visits your town and leaves you unchanged, a moment with Christ is all it takes to transform. To change.

Given a chance where the Queen of England would want to visit your home, wouldn't you spruce up your home and yourself to make it fit for royalty?
Come, here is your chance. Jesus is waiting. The King of kings wants to visit your soul today, this moment. Are you ready?

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