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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tough Stuff [199/365]

Today's media is filled with sensationalism.

As I was flipping through the bundle of unread newspapers last month, I looked for some good news. I could have found gold in the Pacific easier.

But one particular news article caught my eye. The story of a young boy, Raju, from Karwar.
Abandoned by his parents, he lives in a bus shelter in Karwar and wants to be a cop when he grows up.

Now, there's nothing extraordinary out of this and surely you would've seen dozens of abandoned children at any major rail and bus stations across India. A large majority of them  addicted to paint, glue and crime. The rest would be trafficked and sold piecemeal.
But what sets Raju apart is how his life was and is now. I would urge you to read the story here.

We don't know how we can contribute to this child's life. We may never speak or even meet in person, but this we can- we can spread the word. If we were to reach out to children like Raju, this world and our lives will be little more peaceful.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Everyday Heroes [145/365]

Source: Times Of India
What does poverty mean to you? Does it make you loose all faith in God?
What would you do if you were a young aspiring student in a family that is struggling to make ends meet?
I'm sure we have all read about people who gave up on their lives when the going got tough. I often ask myself what drove a person over the edge to kill themselves.

Today, I read of a young woman who overcame her circumstances and excelled. (Read the heartening story here)
Vikhitha Shetty, from the southern coastal city of Mangalore, lost her father, Vikram Shetty, when she was in high school. Her mom has since been struggling to make ends meet with her mom earning about Rs 500/- (approx $10). Vikhitha not the kind that would brood over the lemons life has dealt her made sure she made her family proud.

By scoring top marks in her pre-university exams, she is proof that working hard has never hurt. While more fortunate students in bigger cities struggle, amidst all the trappings of luxury, in their exams, she is a shining example that you shouldn't really stop dreaming big.

Bravo, Vikhitha! Thanks for showing us true grit!

Other Heroes that I've chronicled:

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