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Friday, November 04, 2011

Honesty Always Prevails

Has it struck your mind that no matter who corrupt and deceptive a person is, truth always has a way of getting the three count in a pin-down?
Now, I realise that I've spoken about how the circle of life ensures justice prevails, but truth?

Throughout history, we have seen many many instances of how people in power and out, have lied, cheated and corrupted their way to seemingly limitless wealth. But alas, not a cent was taken away from earth. 

This past week, we have seen how people who had an almost superhuman ability to amass wealth and appeared to be beyond the law, getting caught in the sticky arms of the law. While we all know that, 'Kanni'mozhi, and her croonies will walk scott-free in a couple of months, all thanks to the limitless wealth that her daddy has, but right now, she ain't going anywhere but back to jail. 

Daddy's girl, in much happier times
Ofcourse, she will still laugh all her way to the bank when she gets out..
Ofcourse, she will write a book and somebody will make a movie and make a couple of more millions but what rang the bell for me was how justice was served. 

In a country where millions starve because we have corrupt government officials who'd rather export subsidized food for an inflated price and peddle substandard food to the needy in our neighbourhood, the judge's decision to deny bail to the scamsters was a wonderful thing to read.

But, why must they corrupt?
How much money do you really need to live the life you need?
Have we really managed to create a society of people who have turned their conscience off?

If there is anything I've noticed, if there is something that will prevail across history, over barriers of geography and socio-economic rankings, it is the truth. 

Juicy Notes:
(Incomplete) List (!) of politicians who have fallen to the lure of the fast buck and hot scams

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