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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Shitting on the honest @ work

You know what really ticks me off?

Besides the insane motorists on the road.
Its the people who cheat at work.

You'd think that with all the fail-safe checks and quality monitoring that goes on at work, you'd be able to eliminate people who use unethical ways to be noticed and get ahead.

I know this certain individual at work, who writes her own client accolades to herself!
If you thought faking orgasms was outrageous, well, you ain't heard nothing yet.

We do have the fail safe technologies in place, its definitely idiot proof but not genius proof.
Her modus operandi is simple: She simply retypes an email from the client, changes the time stamp and forwards it. Pure genius!
Ka-ching! The cash registers ring since we have (or rather 'had') a policy to reward each accolade.
Don't you just love people like this?
She used to 'reward' herself with upto 3 accolades a month, which is serious moolah.
People who take the most crooked path to success. Unscrupulous people who screw it up for other people.

Fuck you, honest guy!

Wearing the sham of honesty and being 'Miss Popular' makes the crime as contrasting as Heaven and hell.

Well, ofcourse the management is too worried to put the axe for the many myriad reasons it has.
For a management that proclaims to uphold the law, it sure does not make a very good example.

Now, you could debate on how many honest people are left at work. The answer is 'many'.
Its just that when you start realizing that the management is really not going to do jack shit about its corrupt employees who eat into the process, that the honest people tire down.
The Management did find out about all the fake Client accolades. It had rock hard evidence and screen-shots of her typing in the accolades after several months of monitoring her computer but never took cognizance against her. Just because they might lose out on manpower, something that we were already suffering on. They just made it tough for all of us. Scapegoats of an unscrupulous bitch. Well, Christians and other minorities can identify with this.

In a dog eat dog world, I admit we'd hate to live in other people's Utopias, but is it too much to ask for honest practices at work?
Back to current day, she really hasn't stopped faking yet, she's just gone round the system so that her 'work' cannot be monitored.
She is aiming to be an HR soon.
RIP, my dear company.

Do you have such unscrupulous people at work? People who will take any route to get more money and or to a higher position?

Much like a nasty bed-bug that shares your bed, dines with you but also leaves you with a nasty itch. How I wish I could just disinfect my workplace.

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