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Monday, August 13, 2012

At it. Again. [226/365]

Didi is at it again. 
Just what the hell have I gotten myself into?
This time she's put a farmer behind bars in a non-bailable offense punishable by death.
The crime: He questioned her rule.

There must be something about the way most bengalis take criticism. Now, I know I can come under considerable heat for making this statement, but it's as true as any other stereotypes that we have in India. I've worked with Bengalis who simply cannot tolerate people who question them.

Taking a cue from Dictatorship for dummies v1.0, Didi is staggering from one Greek disaster to another. While she is a fiery poll winner, her tenure at the helm of affairs at the North eastern state is revealing the chinks in her leadership style. It's a tragedy that a state as vibrant and rich as Bengal is being ruled by an autocrat like Didi.
Unfortunately, the stink simply refuses to die down. I have a lingering feeling that she will rule (read RUN) the state into the drains faster than you can say 'ouch'.

Thank goodness I am not in Calcutta or any Godforsaken part of West Bengal or I would have been sentenced to death for this post.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mamata, stop reading! [106/365]

Mamata has always been a massive pain in the ass.
Actually she is a human equivalent of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

She kicked the Tatas and the Commies out of the eastern Indian state of West Bengal.
The nation rejoiced and mourned, depending on who you asked.

Under her rule, and in the last couple of weeks, the slide downwards has been quicker and more pronounced.
The farmers and the intellectuals, her constituents and the only reason why she came to power after decades of uninterrupted commie rule, have suddenly started having that bad after-taste. Did we make a mistake?

Ruling from the State she shot down plans made by the Centre and got her way every time.
She started on a path of riding the state of all her predecessor's footprint.
And her plans have ranged from the bizarre to the truly 'out of her mind'.
Coloring the state and the capital city of Kolkata blue and changing the name of the state from West Bengal to 'Paschimbanga' clearly shows how the lady is out of touch with reality.

While much of her antics didn't really create a furor with the intelligentsia some of her recent diktats, like the instruction to state run libraries to stop subscribing to certain newspapers not loyal to her party (read 'her'), jailing people who forward cartoons that lampoon her, and now barring her party workers from marrying anyone from the commies, are really making them squeamish. What is she thinking?

Mamata. Why don't you focus all your spinster energy into getting progress, industries and hope back into a state that has been battered for decades and while you are at it, you must really do something about that massive human trafficking that goes on under your nose.

While I can understand why politicians would want to sanitize their territory, what I can barely believe is how the voters react to this. Some do it to prove a point, some to undo 'grave injustice' and others to just divert public attention from a more obvious rot within the system.
But all Mamata is really doing now is giving the opposition ammunition to fire back.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

GuestSpeak: Di De

When it comes to India the third largest political party can arguably be the Communist Party of India and people of similar Ideology. But the strange thing is that in a large country such as India they only seemed to have found some place to stand in three of its constituencies. And I don’t think many will disapprove of me when I say that Bengal was their bastion up until recently when they lost it to Trinamool Congress badly.

I admire the woman- Mamata Banerjee, Though sometimes she can be as arrogant as a duchess she does have a rapport with the crowd. The one bold thing she did recently is the elimination of Marxist ideology and references to Karl Marx from the state run syllabus. I am pretty sure in the long ---- years the communist party have single-handedly administrated this region managed to fill in the text books with abundance of information about Karl Marx and his ideologies.

But then again there is a catch; there is always a catch, a point of perfect balance that has to be attained. A sort of line in the path of action, something that differentiates vandalism from wisdom. The question is, Do you really want to delete it all away after all? Karl Marx and communism has played a definite and significant role in the cultural and life of the Bengalis. It’s a part and way of life and hence a significant part of their life. Karl Marx was a great ideologist and his ideas are worth spreading but it should at no point become an advertisement for a political party. There you should draw the line.

What concerns me is not that she has taken the bolder stance but whether she wants to use the newly attained power to use the state run education system as a platform to nurture her future party workers or does she want to take the higher road and design a prolific education system that states fact for fact and aims to fulfill the promise of unbiased education.

Only time will tell what she will chose to become. A down to earth person such as she would hardly fall now and I for the betterment of all humanity do pray that she take the later choice. Education has been for long been an ad space for the political parties and a change is always welcome.

Written for 'Hold the Thought, Get the Point' by our guest blogger Rupertt Wind.
Find more information about him at Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Blogger

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

While you were gone...

A very dear friend of mine remarked 'Anna is such a distraction'.
Not entirely untrue.

As a nation of people who demand to be entertained all our waking hours, I happened to speak to a few people who'd 'been' to support Anna 'over the weekend'
He was excited and satisfied that he was able to have an eventful weekend!
Well, eventful it is. But what troubles me is how many people are treating this protest as a mere carnival.
The Gandhi topi and the Tricolour dealers are doing the briskest business ever.
Auto-rickshaws are making hay while the sun shines by charging patriotic people double and nearly quadruple the fare.
Ice cream vendors and hawkers are laughing all the way to the bank.
Face painting artists haven't seen so much business since the last IPL match this year.

What started off in the right earnest has now been reduced to a farce.
Surely there is a lot of people visiting areas of demonstration.
There is definitely a lot of people who know what the struggle is about. But five year old kids dressed up as Gandhi with their heads shaved off and bapu glasses?
Give me a break!
I saw red when I spotted three college kids on a bike without a helmet carrying the tricolour, the tip of which was trailing the road.
I bet they are bunking their classes but if supporting Anna was not as fashionable as it is, I'm sure they would have been in a mall or a movie theater ogling at girls in skimpy outfits. Anna is just another reason.

We are filled with people who are hypocritical.
We have people who are impatient with traffic stops. We starting honking the nanosecond the light turns green. Yet we don't mind spending hours on the net/in the bed with your boyfriend/girlfriend, or even at a mall.
We refuse to wear the helmet even if it is meant to protect ourselves and the ones we love.
We don't want to give the underprivileged people in our society a chance at a good life, yet the moment we have a stable job we crib and complain that this isn't enough.
We don't want corrupt leaders, yet we don't mind corrupt managers who will lick and dry their bosses unmentionables to climb up the ladder.
We have people who will chain themselves to protect deforestation, but as soon as it comes to supporting a cause that is nonviolent, they launch into a verbal diarrhea of words.
We are a nation filled with fascinating people!

But thank God for Anna because;
Bollywood has got fresh ideas for its next big patriotic flick.
Sheila Dixit can exhale that the spotlight will not be on her for a while now.
Kalmadi/Raja/Kanimozhi and like scum will be at ease that they are not being prosecuted by a nation that can't multi-task.
Mamataji will make sure that by the time you are back, West Bengal will be replaced by Paschimbanga.
...and if all goes well (for us) Salina Wali Khan will can do a poonam pandey. Deja vu!

Whatever it is, be sure to lock your doors before you leave, because thieves and burglars aren't marching.

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