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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Answer to my Prayer [297/365]

If you ask a believer, what is the most common statement he makes while he/she prays, chances are that it will be - 'Answer my prayer, O Lord'
We all implore God to answer our prayers. We beg/plead/threaten and nag our Lord to answer all our prayers. When we were small, to give us that toy; when we were growing up, to give us good marks; and when we were working, to give us a promotion and a good spouse/house/car.

Our wants and needs grew exponentially. We were always desperate when we asked and nagged our God, yet I bet none of us remember if He answered our prayers in a wonderful way. He would've surely given you something better than what we asked for in the long run but that's not something we keep tabs of.

Many years ago, when I was getting to that 'marriageable' age, I began to yearn for a companion. Sure, I had a job and was standing on my feet by then, but that was not enough. I wanted to marry. My parents weren't too keen on searching for a bride for logic that is best known to them. I was stubborn. How could I ever convince my parents that I had needs. As an Indian, you are taught to never talk about your physical and emotional needs when you grow up. It was around that time when I read about the 'virtuous wife'. So I began to pray for a virtuous wife. On my knees. As days became weeks and months, I began to doubt if my prayers were reaching Him. It was so easy to give up and that's what I did. I stopped praying on my knees.
Prayer became just another chore I'd do as I woke up. I wandered.

Years would pass before I saw how wonderful His ways were. I'd forgotten that I asked Him for a virtuous wife but He didn't.
His unfailing love is wonderful. His mercy- plentiful.

Psalm 69:16

I am going through a phase in my life which does not make sense to me. I am not sure how long it would take me to walk through this phase, yet I know that He is carrying me through. I have been praying and sometimes I get impatient and I want Him to do things instantaneously. Yet, I know that my time is not His time. Our plans are myopic and surely not like the plans that He has for us. Having been through worse times, we know that we will get through this and when we do, it will make us purer and stronger.

Does the Lord answer your prayers?
Yes, although it may not always be a 'Yes', the answer could be a 'No'. Or it could be a simple 'Not now'. When I asked Him for a wife, He didn't say 'No' to it, it only said 'Not Now'. The trouble is that we refuse to take a 'No' or a 'Not now' for an answer. So when that happens, we end up doing what we want anyway. The ever merciful Lord that He is, He tells us- 'Ok, go ahead and do it and when you're back, I'll be waiting for you'. And unfailingly, He will be waiting for us when we wander back.

As a parent, we'd like to think that we are a good judge for our children's needs. We know what is good for them and what is inappropriate for them. We even think we know when we must give. We plan for our children's education, marriage and even their life. Yet sometimes, we go wrong. But He can't. Be assured that He has a plan to meet your every need, from the moment you were conceived until the moment you see Him in Heaven.
Isn't it a wonderful thing to know a God who has a plan for every single person that ever was, has and will come to this planet?

Be encouraged to know God's love for you is so deep He will always be there to take care of you. If times get tough and too hard to bear, get down on your knees and share with Him. He will meet you there as you are.

If you are at a phase in your life, where you feel nothing is going right then turn back and He is waiting for you.
Think of a scenario where someone has failed you. Where someone told you something but ended up disappointing you. Now, remember all the wonderful ways He has answered each of your prayers in the past and you'll realize that He has never failed.

Behold, the unfailing Lord!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Your body is a Wonderland... [12/365]

One of my ex-girlfriend was a closet lesbian. When serenading her girlfriends, she would dedicate the John Mayer hit 'Your body is a Wonderland...' Ofcourse, being that lesbianism is still a taboo in India, she continues to keep her preferences closeted.
While the song itself is lurid attempt at lewdness, I can both argue and agree with the lyrics within. 

I am guilty, like many of us, of judging a person by the way he/she appears. We are very prejudiced and conceited when it comes to people of certain ethnicity, color, region or language. We write them off without even giving them the slightest chance to prove/define themselves.
When a friend's nine year old son joined a new school, he was bullied by an older kid who teased his appearance. Undaunted, my friend's son never yielded in to the torture and never replied a mean word back. When his dad asked him why he didn't just report the matter to his teachers, he replied 'My God made me wonderfully and beautifully'. Kids do say the darn'dest things, don't they?

As adults, we are way too corrupt to alter our prejudices.
We feel disgusted when our partners and family members are different from our perfect selves.
We judge a person too much on how much he/she weighs and looks rather than understand how beautiful his/her soul is.
When the bible (and nearly every religious books) tell us that God made us in His image, we do we hanker after that guy with the rippling muscles and chiseled bode or that girl with the hour glass body, fair skin and luscious hair?

The almost poetic verses of scripture at Psalm 139:13-16 brings a wonderful picture of how God skillfully creates every single molecule within us. An anthem for people who are uncomfortable within their skin, this passage comforts people who treat themselves and their bodies with disregard.

Made in secret, revealed in Heaven.
Isn't that something to be incredibly proud of?

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