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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Four years [21/365]

Today will mark my fourth year in ThomsonReuters.

This will be the longest I've lasted in any company. And the best part is I'm still loving it.
I find myself evangelizing about the company to new hires and energizing the exhausted.

While I've had my moment of despair and epiphanies, I've been able to meet some of the most selfless people.
People who have been courageous and are heroes in their own right.
Working here gives you a sense of belonging because I believe that a company is only as good as how it treats it's employees.
TR may not have the flamboyance of a Google or a Yahoo! would have. But it certainly treats its employees as the heart of everything it does. And I've seen how employees work better when they are not in an eternal fear of getting the pink slip.

I've grown within the organization. Both personally and professionally.
Am I destined to work here till I retire? Not sure.

My wishlist for a company that I've grown to love?
Lesser politics at office. I've seen nepotism and favoritism in close quarters. I've seen managers pull strings and keep their friends close. I've seen bosses cut their opponents down to size. I've seen lousy managers become lousier task masters. 
Yet there might be hope, because I've also seen leaders who've led with courage amidst retaliation.
But I wish the right talent is recognized and circulated within the company.

And most of all, I would like to see my company get recognized for the wonderful place it is.
Cheers to another four years!

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