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Monday, March 12, 2012

Noori [71/365]

Cute, isn't she?
After Dolly, we now have Noori.
By the time you've read this, Noori is a couple of hours older and wondering 'Who the hell are my parents?'

Kashmir, Pakistani obsession and overall wonderful place to see, is in the news again.
And thankfully, it is not because of any of the crime that happens there nor is it because the Pakistani army thought they'll test our defenses again, but because some of the finest scientists in India have cloned (created) the first Cashmere goat in the world. (More on Noori here)

This is both great news and heartburn.
Great news because this means our mad scientists can finally create Cashmere goats like they are preparing PBJ in their labs. And why not? The soft undercoat of the rare goats are used to make shawls that are amongst the most priciest and most exquisite in the planet. Some of the shawls retail at $200 (Approx Rs 12,000) upwards. They are so pricey that even the fake ones are expensive. Cloning them will mean that now we can finally keep up with the demand, which has been outstripping supply for several years now.
Heartburn, because now the Pakistanis will want Kashmir even more than ever. Regardless of the fact that they have pretty much screwed whatever resources and land they already have, they will still want the candy behind the glass window.

I wonder what Noori will have to say about this?
Worse still, imagine something going wrong in the cloning process and we get cotton instead of Cashmere.

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