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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Creative Visualization - Part Deux [23/365]

Read Numero Uno

It is said when a couple stays with each other for a very long time, they begin to resemble each other. Theorem proved right when my girl friend also begins to watch the television commercials just as keenly. And the surprising part is that we both exchange looks to either approve or disapprove. Said simply, our tastes are so similar.

Controversial but true, you can tell a lot about the culture of a country or a region by the porn that it produces and by the commercials that come on tv.

Our obsession with the fair skin continues.
Prime time ads seem to reinforce our collective suspicion that we are not fair enough. Really?
Some of our most beautiful celebrities are dusky. What's even more surprising is how many layers of the epidermis all the fairness creams are penetrating to give us the glow. But that's not enough for us now. We now need our fairness creams to do seven things together. All in just seven days. Now, do you want fries with that?

Talking about seven days, Big Momma Ash is back with a bang. Oh no, she's not doing any movies (thankfully!) but more of the ads by that french hair dye company. One of the ads even had her spilling out her ample cleavage while lying down.
And as if she wasn't such a disaster already, her hubby has gotten into the act too. Now I agree some of his ads for the cellular service provider are cute, I personally think he should retire from all forms of media until he learns to perform as well as his dad.

But not all ads are as bad. We have ads selling that new brand of potato chips, soups, biscuits and coffee.
Some of the ads were thoughtful and cute, but most of them showed a lot of creativity. Especially the ad where the coffee bean starts crying. While I am not a fan of dark chocolates, I think the idea of an aspiring coffee bean getting depressed when he gets 'rejected' is simply cute.
How about the ad for that online retailer where the incredible discounts for products and services online seem to win over even the Indian grim reaper. What works for me is how innovative and fresh the idea for the advt is. While the concept of etailing itself might be old wine in new bottle, I think the wit of the aptly named 'yamdude' is perfect.
While the creators of yamdude got it right, ads for another etailer with kids conversing in grown-up voice-overs was only half as witty.
Full marks for creativity, though.

While we can be exasperated about the plunging quality of movies being churned out, we can contend with the fact that our Bollywood actors (and their leading ladies) are still raking in the big moolah with the multi million rupee product endorsements.

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