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Friday, October 26, 2012

End of an Era [300/365]

This week has been a sad week for Bollywood movie buffs.
Earlier this week we lost Yash Chopra and then today- Jaspal Bhatti.

Chopra will be remembered by the romance in his movies and Jaspal by his social and political satire.
Death really does open the floodgates. We saw a barrage of celebrities and politicians paying their last respects to the two fallen heavyweights.

A few weeks ago, one of Malayalam's most respected character-actor Thilakan died. I mourned. He used to live close to a property we owned in Kerala. I've seen him a couple of times and had the privilege of talking to him during shows he did abroad. I was particularly fond of the way he brought characters to life.

When he was alive, he was a firebrand. He had his fans but he most certainly had his enemies too. Actors and movie directors banded against him while he fought back and won. But when he died, they all came, saw, paid their respects and depending on who you spoke to, sighed in relief or mourned in disbelief and agony.

But again, this post is not a obituary for the men who moved on.

Fellow actors and wannabes have their 15 minutes of fame. Politicians put in a few minutes too.
It doesn't matter if they plotted against you, fought proxy wars or otherwise made your life miserable, your death is the end of an era.
I wonder if they even realize the meaning of that phrase but it doesn't matter. This phrase makes a fitting eulogy. Appropriate and eloquent.  

So when Chopra and Jaspal died this week, we had to endure many many hours of the 'end of an era' quotes from grief-stricken actors, directors and politicians.

One question: Who must die for it to be the end of an era of corruption?

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