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Monday, December 24, 2012

No Different [358/365]

Though I've been blogging for a few years, 2012 was a particularly nice year.
I've been able to polish my writing and climb the All India Rankings steadily. I'd set myself a target to write a post every day of the year and barring a few exceptions, kept up the count.

Apparently women have always been a concern. Last year, we had Kanimozhi and the thousand scams. Things aren't too cheerful this year either.

I wonder if there are people who ever introspect and think if anything changed. If the victim of a crime is healing. Public amnesia is no longer a fictional term. It is a fine art practiced at every level of society. Until December, when lists come out.

When I compiled my list for 2011, I was surprised how little we hear about in India. Our lives are controlled by the media who decides what we hear and see.

But then who's complaining?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011: The Year of the Corrupt

While the Chinese celebrate the year of the dogs and dragons, down in India we'd like to celebrate 2011 as the year of the scams

After all, our politicians and businesses have managed to siphon off about $10 billion a year every year for several decades, to tax havens around the world. 
While it's been a few decades since the cookie jar has been systematically raided, 2o11 was a culmination of sorts. 

Many of our A-list politicians have been caught with their pants down and hands deep inside the cookie jar. 
While the proof is there and the crime is clear, the lady with the scales is snoozing.

As I've often wondered aloud, scams of this magnitude is the scourge of countries with developing economies. With a flush of foreign investments, the temptation was too huge (and zero conviction record) to ignore. 

Bangalore- It's all about the money, honey!
Good thing we invented the zero, because we can proudly claim to have swindled money with too many zeros that would interest any venture capitalist.

Like managers at the top of the pyramid, corruption permeates down the layers. If it is corporations and members of parliament that are making the big bucks, down at the local registration office, we have sleazy office peons and Superindents asking for 'chai money'.

Take a looksee at the graphs (and the data). 

Bangalore, may have left behind the tag of the 'Pensioner's paradise' and was certainly robbed off the 'Garden City' but, is certainly the creaming the layer with the most color. 
Now, that's something to toast on.

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